The Virto Group has an annual production of over 2,500 individual machines per year, these machine consist of round and rectangular units with our smallest machine being just 450 mm in diameter to our largest machine of 2400 mm in diameter, this range od vibratory sieves and particle separation equipment are widely used for wet, dry and slurry based materials.

This equipment range encompasses two distinct product lines, Cuccolini uses single frequency technology for separation and consists of VPB/VPM mobile and fixed based units, inline VP2 low profile machine for restricted space applications, VPF for pharmaceutical products and VTU tumbler machines for accurate high capacity multiple separation of dry products.

The Virto ScreenX product range makes use of MVF technology that have been developed by the company over a number of years, from Virto's multiple research and design departments. The ScreenX machines differ from their traditional competitors by a unique mechanical device that converts single frequency oscillation's into multi-frequency movement, as a result of this system the acceleration that is transmitted to the mesh reaches 500G as opposed to 5G delivered by traditional screeners.

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GIMAT Srl was founded in 1975 by Italian engineer Giorgio Magri, and is now supported by his two sons Claudio and Marco Magri who are also engineers.

The company has specialized since its inception in the manufacture of flexible spiral conveyors and over the years the company has diversified its product range into the fields of STORAGE, CONVEYING, DOSING, MIXING AND BAGGING of bulk powders and granules.

Our systems with have evolved over time with positive feedback from our customers have been using across a wide range of industry sectors including plastics, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, in addition in al of those industries where for process requirements, raw materials are used in the form of powders or granules.

The primary strength of the company is the synergy between the technical department and the production department which makes its possible to develop dedicated and efficient technical solutions to suite customers demanding production application and to quickly achieve what is designed at the same time monitoring the entire the entire production process.

Within GIMAT we have in-house manufacturing equipment that allows us to: 

1. Develop three-dimensional surface shapes for generating the machine code (CAM).

2. Laser cuttings of sheet metal and laser cutting of tubes using the CAM information.

3. Press-bending of cut pieces produced, with six-axis numerical control.

4. Turning and milling with numerical control.

KVC is the exclusive UK distributor for The Virto Group high performance separation equipment and GIMAT bulk handling systems.

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